MACHO Affiliate Program

Affiliate Rules

18 June 1994

This document describes the reasons the Macho Science Team is seeking scientists who are not in the team to analyze and interpret Macho data, and the process and proceedures to join the Macho project as an affiliate member.

The Macho Science Team views these relationships as collaborations, and desires to work closely with the affiliate members on projects of common interest.


The primary purpose of the affiliates to the Macho Team is to "get the science out". It is becoming clear that the Macho databases have considerable potential for many research projects in the field of stellar astronomy, and possibly also in other areas in which temporal monitoring is useful.

In addition, the affiliate membership is a mechanism to broaden access to the Macho data sooner than defined in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Who can be an Affiliate Member?

Anyone can apply to the Macho Science Team for affiliate membership.

How does one apply?

A brief proposal must be submitted to the Macho Science Team, which describes the scientific objectives, scope of the project, and who will do the work. It is strongly suggested that this proposal be developed following discussions with a member of the Macho Scinece Team.

How will the proposal be evaluated?

The Macho Science Team is eager to have the maximum scientific impact derive from the analysis of the data. Hence, the first step of the review will be based upon scientific merit.

Proposers should recognize that many "non-Macho" projects have already been started by members of the Macho Science Team, and by the present affiliates, who do have priority in these areas. Possible conflicts of this kind can be identified at an early stage by discussions with a member of the team.

Duration, students, etc.

An affiliate membership lasts for one year. An affiliate member can bring one student into the work. Post-docs are expected to become affiliates in their own right, should they be interested.

The research will be published jointly with the Macho Team, and authors will be listed alphabetically, in accord with the policies governing all publications of the Macho Science Team.

For further information, please contact Doug Welch (